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October 18, 2011


Susan Bailey

Indeed, Louisa is inspiring! Orchard House is a magical place. I had the honor of attending an evening book reading and signing by Gabrielle Donnelly (The Little Women Letters) and it was so cool just sitting there remembering the luminaries that lived there and visited there. I was inspired to start a blog about Louisa after reading a biography and the more I write, the more interested I get in her and the rest of the family. Glad you had such a great visit!

My blog can be found at http://louisamayalcottismypassion.wordpress.com - come on over for a visit.


Susan, I enjoyed reading your posts about Louisa May Alcott. She, and her family are so inspiring. Orchard House is a magical place, indeed, as you said. What a treat for you to attend that book signing there. Thank you for sharing!

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