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October 22, 2011



This is EXACTLY what hope feels like to me as well--plucking that last string to hear even the smallest sound of music.


The painting about hope...I understand it completely. Sometimes when everything else seems futile and hopeless, it is that one thought, that one hope, that one breath that keeps us hanging on.


The hope of eternal life with God brings me so much peace and comfort. It helps remind me that the hard times I have in life are preparing me to live with God. They will be over someday, but in the meantime, they are helping me learn and change!


So well put Shannon. I love how you said "the hard times in life are preparing me to live with God". That is beautiful. Also, how you said that hard times will be over, but for now "they are helping me learn and change". Thanks for your comments.


Shannon, is it okay if I add your "preparing me to live with God" comment to this post?

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