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January 24, 2011



These are great! Thanks for putting her quotes here.


Thanks Karey! I will post the rest in a few days.

Heidi Simpson

I have watched and re-watched this episode so many times. I love everything that comes out of that womans mouth!


Me too Heidi! Thanks so much for your comment.


I'm so sorry that she misquoted the bible (No.8) The "In the beginning was the Word..." quote is from John, not Genesis. She is still fabulous, though!!!

Nathan Bawks

I watched this everytime I need direction, or clarity. I had DVR'd the whole master class interview on the OWN network, so i can memorize her words. She is one of the strongest Woman of power, and I kindly thank you for sharing your story.-nate


Thanks for your comments Nate. I haven't memorized anything in a while. You're a good example, and I may just have to memorize a few of her wise words too.

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