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August 06, 2010


Michael Angellae Matel

i was very inspired with your story when i watched it. tears just fell into my eyes maybe because my brother had a pool accident also and is now paralyzed. Life is never the same anymore and hard for all of us. My brother is still in a relationship right now with hirs girlfriend whom he met during the ordeal when he was in the hospital. His girrlfriend is his occupational therapist in the hospital. I guess love would conquer evrything. I wish that your story will make him realize that there is life waiting for him and that his family will be here for him always


Dear Michael,
I am so happy that this post on my blog was meaningful for you. I hope you can share the story with your brother. I know that it is possible that your brother can find a lot of joy and hope in his life, in spite of his challenges. God bless you and your family.
Warm regards,

Carol D.

What an amazing story! I got pretty emotional in some parts of it. I wish them both the best. They give true meaning to the phrase "In sickness and in health."

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