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January 08, 2009



I hope you get to read this. I've always loved this poem. And now, I guess I am living it. I want to thank you for that wonderful prayer you have on your post. "If you are hurting, I pray that someone you know, or even a passing stranger, will sense what is behind your smile and offer you the kind word, the gentle touch or the hug that you need. You are lovable and deserving of every good thing." I hope your prayers do come true. I do need it right now.


Dear AM,
I wish I had your email or facebook address. I am glad you found that this poem validates something you are experiencing right now. Poetry and music can be so powerful. More powerful, though, are prayers. I will keep you in my prayers. I believe in God and that He is a loving Heavenly Father. I believe He knows you and is aware of you.
Love, Gwendolyn


Thank you Gwendolyn. I just read your response today. I am unsure how to give my email without going public here.

Anyway, thanks for your uplifting words. I am trying to hang on and stay strong.


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