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April 21, 2009



Wow how true that is! I think, as you point out, I have felt jealous of tall poppies around me rather than rejoicing in their success. I need to pay more attention to this tendency and fill my heart with love and acceptance rather than jealousy or some other negative feeling. It certainly doesn't do me any good and I can only imagine tall poppies get enough grief as it is!


Thanks so much for your comment. I agree that the tall poppies do get enough grief as it is.


Thanks for sharing this. It is so well put. I remember once sitting by a friend a Church who has a beautiful singing voice and the thought came to me to prayer and thank God that I was privileged to hear her. I need to remember to do that all the time so that I don't "destroy" tall poppies!

Saoirse Redgrave

Wonderful post--glad your husband pointed me in your blog's direction.

One of the neatest activities we did in high school actually related to they way so many people hold negativity. Our World Cultures teacher made us carry a notebook for 3 days (if I remember correctly) with instructions to write down every time we had a negative thought, every time we had a positive thought (and the approximate times they occurred).

We all realized very quickly that most of us were very negative teens and that once we had one or two negative thoughts there was a rapid domino effect of negativity in our notebooks. For a few of us it encouraged us to be better (and we saw all sorts of things in our own lives improve, as well as in our relationships with people).

It is so important to our health (mentally, physically and spiritually) to rejoice in all successes and share the celebration and joy with others--thank you for passing this along to remind us. :-)

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