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September 10, 2008


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What a beautiful poem.

Sherrie Mills Johnson

I love your poem! Beautiful!!!


Thank you!


I didn't know you had a blog! I would love to try making macarons with you. My sister tried them and her first batch were a huge success. One woman left me a comment and she had just posted hints on making them successfully. I hadn't had them until this trip and I fell in love.

bible audio

It's really a nice poem which touches the heart i loved it thanku.....:)


Dear Bible Audio, Thanks so much. I'm glad the poem touched your heart.


I love this excerpt. Where is the whole poem found?


Hi Sage. That makes me so happy that you would want to read the whole poem. No one has ever asked that before. I wrote the poem during a really challenging time when I was sick for a long, long time. Here is the link (If the link doesn't work, click on the "poetry" category and scroll way down near the bottom. It's down there somewhere).

Cabbage Head

Your poem really lifted my spirits.

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